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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥ We'll stir the stars around~

Just in one of those random blogging moods. I suppose I'll talk about my life or some deep stuff like that, I dunno XD;

My life has really been going great as of late. School is a breeze and I'm acing all my classes. Finally found stable ground with my friends so we don't end up in rocky areas ala last summer. Online life is going pretty swell as well. A few rough patches here and there, but nothing I can't work around. I would like to re-connect with my good friends that I've drifted apart from due to busy lives and such, 'cause I'll be damned if I lose their friendships. I suppose November was a pretty great month, all-in-all. I definitely wouldn't mind all months being like this. Just add in a working laptop and subtract out a few issues and it would have been a perfect month.

So yea, I felt like I was going to tl;dr this, but I didn't. I'm suddenly out of the mood to blog, though, so I'll cut it off here XD;

See ya next time, stalkers~

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11:15 AM
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